On September 29, at 11:00 WIB (GMT+7) Jakarta, we will talk about serialization of medicines in Indonesia: What does this mean for every market participant? What will be changed in business processes? How to choose the software? How to successfully prepare your business to the new requirements? How will the cost of processes increase?

Indonesia: from batch Identification to Full Track&Trace

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29th of September, 2022
What time?
At 11:00 WIB (GMT+7) Jakarta



A global trend in government serialization systems development from batch identification to full traceability affects new and new markets. Some countries have already passed this journey (such as, Turkey, Russia, Bahrein), some are just beginning. Indonesia has currently two options of using identification and authentication codes, but with a high probability, after the introduction of new requirements, Indonesia will switch not only to the use of authentication codes, but also to the full traceability of each package of medicines.

Utrace has accompanied the launch of labeling in 30+ international companies, including Novartis, Bayer, Sanofi, MSD, in Russia and CIS countries with the most complex traceability requirements. The pharmaceutical companies and implementation partners have accumulated extensive expertise, having come a long way from developing the processes to implementing Utrace software solutions. We would like to share our vision on how new traceability rules will change Indonesian Pharmaceutical Business.
About event
At the event we will go through the following points:
  1. How does authentication codes and full traceability change the IT landscape of pharmaceutical companies?
  2. How to prepare for full Track & Trace (equipment, software, processes, people)?
  3. How will the target business processes and their cost will change?
At the meeting:
  • Indonesian pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Indonesian marketing authorization holders
  • Indonesian government operator BPOM
Webinar participants

Utrace COO and Supply Chain Expert

Evgeniy Rodnyansky

Arif Gadzhiev

Utrace Business Development Director in CIS

Participation is free of charge, subject to prior registration. We will send you a link an hour before the start.

If you have any questions, please contact Evgeny Sidorenko: esidorenko@utracesolutions.com
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