Uzbekistan Serialization for Indian Manufacturers: how to be compliant

19th of October, 2022
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At 11:30 (IST, GMT +5:30)



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On 30th of September our webinar "Serialization of medicines in Uzbekistan" took place for Indian pharmaceutical industry under support of PHARMEXCIL and Uzbekistan State Authorities.

During the event we were observing many questions from Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers and understand that companies are in varying degrees of readiness and understanding of the principles of serialization in the CIS region. In this regard, Utrace together with Uzbekistan State Authority (CPRT Turon) decided to hold a series of webinars dedicated to the basics of technical and regulatory compliance in Uzbekistan and CIS region.

Webinar 1: "Basic steps with regulations".
Date: 13th of October at 11:30 (IST).
Initial meeting and participants appointments. Serialization requirements for Uzbekistan and registration in ASL Belgisi system. Steps for the successful registration. Main issues and mistakes. Products registration and Master Data: product description in National Catalogues, how to create and maintain product cards, master data management. Artworks changes registration, procedures and companies experience. How Indian companies can start from the beginning, local partners contact detailes on the matter.

Webinar 2: "Serialization process details".
Date: 17th of October at 11:30 (IST).
Technical review of Data Matrix and application: what is necessary on production side. Types of application. Equipment and line system software and its functionality. How to reuse existing serialization equipment. Codes ordering and crypto-codes management. Order management system principles, codes usage, types of ordering, payment and shelf life. Some aspects that you will not find in official manuals. Role of L4 systems (examples and demo). Codes ordering application at customs warehouse: assumptions and limitations. How Indian companies comply with technical requirements, local partners contact details on the matter.

Webinar 3: "Aggregations and Traceability foundation".
Date: 19th of October at 11:30 (IST).
Aggregations and aggregated customs code: aggregation levels, SSCC structure and incoming hierarchy messages. Principles and important details to avoid errors. Full Track & Trace: how it will be organized, who will be responsible in case of errors and how to react. What if the root-cause is on the plant level? How Indian companies comply with Full Track & Trace regulations, local partners contact details on the matter.
If you are interested in any of these meetings, please register for the first webinar. At the first webinar, we will distribute the participants according to the meetings they are interested in. Each event will be held with the participation of different professionals (business and technical analysts, equipment providers, regulators and consultants). Online communication and friendly format will allow you to ask your questions and learn a lot of new useful information.

Participation in the online seminar will be relevant to IT directors, logistics directors, supply-chain managers of pharmaceutical companies in India exporting medicines to Uzbekistan and CIS countries, as well as to everyone for whom the serialization project is relevant.
Webinar participants:
  • Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Indian marketing authorization holders
  • Uzbekistan government operator CRPT Turon
  • Arif Gadzhiev, Business Development Director in CIS, Utrace
  • Oleg Kuzmin, Operations Director of CRPT TURON
Participation is free of charge, subject to prior registration. We will send you a link an hour before the start.
If you have any questions, please contact Evgeny Sidorenko: esidorenko@utracesolutions.com