november 19th, 2021

How a business can successfully launch the serialization and track & trace project in Kazakhstan

Utrace together with Accenture, Antares Vision, and representatives from Center of Development of Digital Economy (CDDE) held a business seminar in Almaty, Kazakhstan to answer the question of “How a business can successfully launch the serialization and track & trace project”.

This year, Kazakhstan has finished the pilot projects within the new era of required serialization of pharmaceutical goods. Starting on July the 1st, 2022 the first “wave” of the serialization is set to be facilitated. On one hand, businesses are faced with the unprecedented new regulations, on the other hand, the date of launch of serialization is set for action.

The novelty integration of new systems of serialization is certainly becoming a challenge for businesses. The pharmaceutical sector has various specifications that must be taken into consideration when launching such projects. In particular, the fact that pharmacy is a highly regulated industry, the import flow of goods and also additional requirements when it comes to integration with the governmental and corporate systems of manufacturing. The process is complex!

Having expertise in T&T, Utrace along with its partners helped the Kazakhstan market answer all the urgent questions in the area as well as construct an action plan to achieve the necessary results.