October 10th, 2021

The Journey Along the Digital Serialisation

Trailblazing our way into the realm of digital serialization. Proud to announce that Utrace has reached another milestone when an article about our journey got a chance to be published by an influential “Manufacturing Technology Insights”.
Take a glance at the article where Evgeny Rodnyansky, COO and Co-Founder of Utrace shares his thoughts about our innovative distributed architecture and how it helps businesses to overcome Track & Trace challenges:

"The past two years, marred by the global pandemic, demonstrated how vigorously countries develop and how important it is to share practices and expertise in unprecedented circumstances.

In the world of constant innovations, tightening of the restrictions and ever-growing demand for more clarity on the nature of goods, there is a need for an effective solution and practice exchange.

The upcoming EU and US aggregation and full Track&Trace requirements will inevitably disrupt the existing landscape of the pharmaceutical industry as a part of Serialization 2.0. The good news for the affected companies is that Russia has already gone through this process whilst simultaneously having serialization, aggregation and full traceability.

Globalisation, a naturally existing entity of any large business, and the online promotion and sales channels have bestowed almost unlimited goods access to all markets. But, alas, the rise of dishonourable competition requires the protection of brand interests and a necessary quality confirmation for the end-consumer. This stemmed an emergence of intercorporate methods of goods security, focusing on falsification control by utilising complex systems that verify each unit.

As a result, international companies face a new challenge - maintaining growth rates and market share together with rapid adaptation and compliance to ever-changing regulations. Today, the successful implementation experience in the pharmaceutical industry is starting to be applied everywhere else: from food supplements to dairy and bottled water. Therefore, the best solution is to build an advanced Track & Trace network to complement the existing supply chain.

UTRACE is a well-known Track & Trace solution vendor and integrator, an innovative international tech company providing a cutting-edge serialization software solution, based on sophisticated L4 with distributed architecture. Founded in 2017, the company has swiftly reached leading demand in the market, helping worldwide pharmaceutical leaders overcome all the serialization challenges. The massive advantage of UTRACE is their cloud-based technologies, which allow one to understand and analyse the markets and adjust to the serialisation’s legislative normative, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.

Today, the digital revolution provides various challenges for businesses and these challenges can be overturned and used as advantages. Due to the absence of universal rules regarding the accounting of track & trace regulatory operations between different countries on the L4 level, business operations are pushed to transform into a single thread of a particular regulatory system. Consequently, it is clear that a single business operation may be displayed in various ways within different regulatory systems.

As a result, a single business operation must undergo multiple checks and examinations to be officially published. The critical difference between a highly automated and non-automated system lies in the quality and the number of investigations implemented in the L4.
The highly automated systems allow minimising the need for human interactions and interventions. Since the informational processes of consolidation, assessment and accounting are set to be completely autonomous. Subsequently, the data enables businesses to be leaner, more effective, and less costly.

From the business development perspective, cost inefficiency is detrimental when local companies avoid extra expenditures in terms of new product categories to acquire or new markets to enter. This lack of financial coherence expands, especially since new industries and countries imply different regulations meetings and various system implementations, hence zero economies of scale.

Thus, with the assistance of L4 and distributed architecture, implying a single solution would effectively deal with different countries, industries, and requirements whilst reducing the time-to-market cycle and seamless platform updating, all in full compliance with requirements.

Through its development, UTRACE analysed the existing approaches and customer experience and concluded that most systems are not perfect as they are built on a single root processing core and the surrounding subsidiary functionality. This approach is typical for enterprise IT systems. Still, it comes with expected disadvantages, such as over-complexity due to the growth of internal connections and the obligation to consider "neighbouring" functionality, the increased impacts caused by new requirements, and the tedious and expensive regression testing cycle. Consequently, customers face lengthy implementations, a slowdown in the delivery of country-specific functionality, and thus, the risks of regulatory violations.

So how to upkeep the high efficiency of each of the company’s markets, considering the issue of not having the one universal law that governs it?

UTRACE has solved this issue by utilizing the principle of Track & Trace decentralization. UTRACE develops and deploys microservice architecture, allowing for product unity and uniformity while keeping operations isolated and logistically reflected in their domestic data processors. Along the soar of unique international regulations toward a particular product group, the overall complexity of the solution does not increase vertically, and the requirements are exhibited in the horizontal growth of architecture and the emergence of new microservices.

Therefore, such an approach allows for 100% tailored pre-configuration for a specific regulatory system and consequently results in the mitigation of risks when it comes to potential errors or untimely sending of the data. It is vital to mention that the data flushes its local specifications for further inner analysis and is being collected into a single Data Lake – in the language of business operations.

Quick rise from a local start-up to the Track & Trace solution vendor and integrator of international leaders was predefined and achieved mainly thanks to the next generation Track & Trace software implemented by UTRACE. The idea is to allow the business to maximize the digital supply chain automation and pass the serialization journey as smoothly as possible with the leading Track & Trace automation platform. UTRACE’s advanced solution is a win-win both for the market, company, regulator, and customers. It allows easy compliance with regulations, digitizing the supply chain traceability, gaining insights from the supply chain data, and maximizing consumer engagement.

Such ‘glocal’ approach (global & local) demonstrated by UTRACE could be the proper response both to the trends of globalization and the self-divided and isolated world when value is built not only on the current particular market needs but instead reflects stakeholders demand for quick and effective adaptation".

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