november 1 st, 2022

We are happy to share our mission

One year ago Utrace hit 100 employees and we realized that things were starting to get serious. We were no longer a tribe sitting in one office, we were a fast-growing company in which it was becoming almost impossible to know everyone on a first-name basis.

To keep the same dynamism and team spirit that had driven us as a single unit to the first hundred members, our leadership team got together to discuss what was the unseen glue that connected us, who we saw as being a “real Utracer", and how culture guided us in what decisions we made and how we made them. Over 5-6 workshops of lively and highly interactive discussions, we together articulated our culture, values and our Mission. It was important for us to have a mission that resonated in the hearts and minds of the people scaling our company, not just some words on posters and walls. And we did it.

Last year we put the mission to the test, using it as a guide to critique our actions and guide our operational and strategic decisions. Perhaps surprisingly, we all finally agreed that this articulation we originally agreed to fully reflects what Utrace is and strives towards for at least the next 2-3 years.